Getting Involved

on campus

We want to help you get involved with StuMo Dallas! Late Night and Bible studies are two of the biggest ways that you can get involved on your campus. If you are interested in any events please feel free to reach out to us, we would love to meet you and get to know you. 

Because of COVID-19 Late Night is having to look different this year. Please follow our Instagram @stumodallas for updates on if we are having Late Night and what safety precautions we are taking. 

Late Night is a large group event that we host every other week on SMU’s campus. It is a great way to connect with other students, grow, and learn from our awesome campus director, Candler Boortz. No matter if you are just exploring what faith could look like for you or are walking with God deeply in college you will get something out of Late Night

We lead bible studies that look at how to grow in your faith and leadership in college. 


"I got involved in a bible study second semester with some girls I met at SMC. Being in a bible study made second semester so much better! I had no idea it would give me four of my closest friendships that are deeply rooted in God. I learned so much about how to pursue God in prayer and getting in the Word daily, and my bible study gave me an outlet for accountability and just a space to grow with some awesome people! I’m so thankful for being in a bible study and would encourage everyone to do so, it made pursuing God so much sweeter when I was surrounded by other Christ followers."


-Maggie, SMU Sophomore

Because of COVID-19 our campus events will look different this year. Please follow our Instagram @stumodallas for updates on events happening on campus and what safety precautions we are taking. 

StuMo’s goal is to help college students grow in their faith, character and leadership, but we also like to have a lot of fun. Throughout the year we host other social events on campus to give students a change to meet each other and build relationships. Keep your eyes out for Top Golf nights, group dinners, two-stepping, and other fun things. 

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